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We live in a society that has the main goal to consume more and more, but that doesn´t give us more meaning and fulfillment in life. The consuming era is about to end and we are slowly moving to new lifestyle and attitude. My audio book sets up the background for new way of money spending. I am talking about old habits what we consider to be ´´true´´, about beliefs what don´t work in our favor and drains money out of us. I go deep into beliefs and emotional patterns that control our buying decisions. I speak about emotions, our needs that we try to satisfy with buying stuff, but while we don´t know that those needs are we can not satisfy them fully and we feel that we still miss something. Satisfying various needs is not a matter of money it is a matter of consciousness and right decisions. That saving mindset can make more damage then benefit. Consciousness is narrowed and we don´t see possibilities to make money. We only see money saving also constant self limiting attach negative associations to money and that is not good for financial success. It is not enough to repress wishes and to fight habits. It is more important to understand why we buy and start changes step by step without force. Saving should be considered as better prioritizing. If you don´t buy something it doesn´t mean that you haven´t got something or limited yourself. You just decided to act differently. That creates the sense of limitation not because we haven´t bought something but because now we are not acting as everybody else. So it is not limiting not to have something, it is limiting you not to act as everyone. That is the biggest issue, then it comes down to money saving and better prioritizing. We can easily live without much stuff that we buy but it is very hard for us not to act as everybody does. Mainly we buy stuff not because we truly need it, but because we live in consuming society.1. What this audio book is about. 2. Three over 1. Language: English. Narrator: Aivaras Pranarauskas. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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